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Fueled by Creators.

Paragon is a YouTube Network & Digital Media company that helps the very best digital content creators and creator collectives transform their channels so they can succeed on YouTube and beyond.

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Our mission

Paragon empowers creators and digital media powerhouses like esports organizations and content teams with the tools and support they need to grow their communities and develop new formats for their fans to enjoy.
We also help creators capitalize on their content libraries through a robust video distribution network.


What creators in our network can expect

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Powerful Dashboard

Our partner dashboard offers easy access to detailed channel analytics and revenue data.

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Monetisable Music Library

Access to a variety of pre-licensed tracks that are freely monetizable without attribution.

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Efficient Content Protection

Work with us to rapidly take down unauthorised uses of your original content.

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One-on-one Support

Work with our partner support team on channel strategy, format development, and personalized support.

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Content Distribution

Give your content a second life through hands-free distribution to AVOD & SVOD platforms.

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Monetize Reuploads

Eligible content can be automatically claimed and monetized so that you can benefit from reuploads.

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The following factors are strongly taken into consideration:

Consistent Upload Schedule
Fully Original Content
Sustained Viewer Interaction
50,000+ average views per video


Esports Organizations, Management Companies, or Creator Collectives please contact us directly to explore partnerships.

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