Paragon is a YouTube Network & Management Co fueled by Creators.
We've united ourselves in order to provide you with the support & features you need to create great content!


We're a YouTube Network and Talent Management Company founded by a board of experienced content creators.

Our goal is to empower YouTubers with the tools and support they need to create great videos for their audience. We're committed to helping our partners find business and collaboration opportunities for their channel.

Our key focus points:


Unlike most networks that only target channels with high view counts, our network is rather aimed towards finding content creators who have a real talent, no matter what their viewership levels are. We're currently working on the following verticals:

  • - Gaming Content Creators
  • - Visual Artists & 3D Animators
  • - Music Composers, Groups & Labels


Although we don't focus on content viewership, we do focus on content quality. Our partners must without exception meet the following quality guidelines:

  • - High Definition Audio & Video Content
  • - Captivating Commentary for Gamers
  • - Good Video Editing & Assembly


When you join Paragon, you're not only joining a great youtube partner experience, you're also joining a whole ecosystem of like-minded content creators with who you can interact & collaborate. Here's what we've set up to encourage you to participate in the Paragon Community:

  • - MyParagon Collaboration Hub
  • - Paragon Community TeamSpeak (Gaming & Recording Rooms)
  • - Paragon Community Forums
  • - Per-game Community Organizations (Events, Collaborations, ...)


We're YouTubers too! We know what you're looking for in a network!

We'll always keep looking for more features for you. Here's a few of our services:

    We sponsor YouTuber Micro-Communities (Game servers & TeamSpeaks)!


Contracts! The best contract we can offer is a contract that you feel comfortable with, that's why we've made it simple.

No lock-in contract.

You're free to leave at any time, with a 30 day notice.

Managed Partnership.

Large partners with original content can monetize their videos instantly, without going through ContentID.

Easy payments.

No minimum payout & Automated monthly PayPal payments.


Everything at Paragon is built around you and your channel to help you grow your audience and increase your viewership.

Mentorships & Partner Managers

This is a service we offer that is aimed towards medium-sized channels. If you need some advice or you feel stuck, contact one of our partner managers so that they can help you over a certain number of sessions. Our partner managers are YouTube Certified industry specialists.

Channel & Social Media Audits

For larger channels, if you feel like you're doing everything right but you're just not getting the audience you're looking for or just simply want to see where your channel/social media feeds might be lacking, we offer audits (detailed analysis of your channel/social media feeds) so that you can pinpoint the areas that may need improvement.

Paragon Community

It is a well known fact that working with other content creators will attract viewers to your channel, but it isn't always easy to find people to work with. That's why we're really developing the community side of Paragon so that you can easily find someone to record with or to learn from.